HIDE AND SEEK by Chien Hao Chang - 小事製作 Les Petites Choses Production 
Nadou Theatre, Taipei/Taiwan, November 2016

CHOREOGRAPHY 張堅豪 Chien Hao Chang PRODUCER 楊乃璇 Sunny Yang SET DESIGN 鄭烜勛
WITH 張雅媛 Ya-Yuan Chang, 陳詣芩 Yi-Chin Chen, 初培榕 Pei-Rong Chu, 沈樂 Shen Le PHOTOS Terry Lin



Life as a "hide-and-seek" is about people through "search" and "hiding" seemingly following the daily behaviour of social rules, interpretation of inadvertent disclosure of potential messages.

The creator extends the concept of hide-and-seek to athletic scenes, allowing performers to compete with each other and with the most unfamiliar parts of the body, touching the most vulnerable parts of people's unconscious hiding.